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Enterprise Support

Access-To-Finance: As part of our enterprise support to participants, we provide Access-To-Finance through linkages to various funding sources like CBN Intervention Funds/NERFUND, BOI Bottom-of-Pyramid Fund, Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme, Growth Enterprise Insurance Scheme (through BOI), International Development Funds (e.g. DFID, USAID), State Government/MDA Intervention Funds (unique to each regional EDC), Private Sector/High Net worth Individual (HNI) Foundations/Funds, Commercial or Micro Finance Bank Lending Products.

We equally provide information on Types and purpose of Funds relevant to Stage of venture development

Our engagement also includes Provide support to participants to register with various stake-holders groups or institutions such as MAN, Traders Associations, Credit Bureau institutions etc. to access funds
Monitor all successful participants to ensure appropriate utilization of funds for the purpose granted
Assist Funds Providers to ensure repayments in line with stipulated terms of credit administration