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Implementing Agency

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CBN Initiative

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) started the initiative of the Entrepreneurship Development Centres (EDC) in 2008 in the South West, North West and South East geopolitical zones located in Lagos, Kano and Onitsha respectively, partnering with Private Sector organizations appointed as Implementing Agencies (IA) for the EDC. Since inception, the 3 EDCs have trained over 45,000 individuals, helped to start 8,000 new enterprises and created 12,000 jobs. CBN expanded the initiatives with newly created EDCs in the South-South, North East and North Central zones, located in Calabar, Maiduguri and Makurdi respectively.

CBN remodelled the programme and its curriculum to improve the outcomes of successful start-up, enterprise growth and job creation. The programme is designed based on a world class curriculum in terms of content, delivery methodology and schedule.