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See how is helping businesses

Effizzy Laundry Services

Charles was afraid of starting another business after he had failed in two previous attempt. he had a change of mindset after attending the EDC Program.

Shortly after he completed the EDC Program, he started Effizzy Laundry Services. Presently, the business has three employees and has a vision of opening two additional branches in a few years time.

"If you are yet to pass through the EDC Program YOU ARE MISSING OUT" says Charles.

Poultry Farm

Prior to participating in the EDC Program, Mrs. Abam had a poultry farm with few broilers she managed by herself.

She said: "I heard about SSEDC on CRBCTV and got enrolled in May, 2013. I completed the training program and developed a bankable Business Plan which enabled me to access micro-credit loan through the THE SEED FUND initiated by Shield Academy Partners Ltd".

"With the SEED Fund loan, I have been abale to expand my farm to include layers and I have plans to start raising Turkey and Snail farming as well. I have increased my staff strength to five" says Mrs. Abam.


Ms Utibeima runs a family business of wedding cake since 201 having learnt the skill from her mother & grandmother. However, the business took a great leap after participating in the EDC program.

On the impact of the EDC Program on her business, she said:
"We enrolled some of our staff members for the SSEDC program and the impact was mindset reorientation and the vital role of Quality Products at fair prices in wining Customers'' Loyalty. These have impacted greatly on our business as we have expanded the business to include hot chocolate, punch, fruit smoothies and running cake decoration courses".

"We have also moved to a new location with a total of 9 staff members. These include bakers, decorators, instructors, sales & delivery staff".

Inkplay Enterprise

Mrs. Yolanda enrolled in the EDC Program to sharpen her entrepreneurial skill in Cup-cake business. But during a particular Course Module: "Creative Thinking and Idea Generation", she discovered her talent & passion in the art of designing and developing exciting Children's Literacy Aids.

At EDC, she was guided to develop a Business Plan which gave birth to INKPLAY, an indigenous Literacy Enterprise poised to revolutionize the learning processes (spelling & reading) in our nursery & primary schools by encouraging the use of Flashcards.

Two months after commencing operations, INKPLAY has established varying relationships with seven Nursery & Primary Schools in Cross River State and Ministries of Education, UBEC, SUBEB ect.

INKPLAY flashcards are moving closer to being adopted into schools' curriculum in Cross River State and has the potential of generating a minimum of 54 jobs within a month across Cross River State.

C.E.O, Digichive Solutions

Two years before his participation in the EDC Program, Abijah had an idea on conversion of information from hard copies to softs, development of software/web platforms to access and share data and save them in digital achives for repositories and for posterity.

Abijah said: I had researched extensively and had my ideas "written here and there but without a concrete plan".

In the course of the program, he was able to put together a workable 3-year Business Plan which enabled the business idea to take-off the ground with four members of staff on board. Presently, Digichive scope of operations continue to broaden thus necessitating expansion of facilities and of course, addiotional employment opportunities for others.

"My experience at SSEDC was phenomena" he says.

Digichive Solution's vision is to become Africa's leading Digitization, digital archiving and e-information solutions provider.

Yoroda Exquisite Enterprise

Ekpoabasi has the following to say about SSEDC:

My experience after EDC has been phenomenal. In my first year of operation, I recorded a turnover of N512, 000 and net profit of N301, 000. The eighteen month relationship with EDC has supported business growth even after the training. I initially designed my products to serve households but my customers have helped me expand my scope and I now serve industrial users precisely 12 hotels in the city of Calabar. Our products have featured in numerous trade fairs and our customer base keeps growing.