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Internship Scheme

Carefully designed to avail interns the opportunity to acquire practical business skills and experience under the tutelage of successful SME Owners through Action Learning methodology. Strategic focus is

  • To expose interns to meaningful real life business experiences which complement their classroom experience and enable them to gain confidence
  • To create opportunities for interns to successfully start-up enterprises with potentials for job creation
  • To integrate structured learning and structured workplace experience
  • To facilitate transformation of workplaces into places that promotes continuous learning

Internship Program Process:

The programme will be for a period of 6 weeks.

Pre-internship Phase: The pre-internship activities will include enrollment (based on draft business plan), orientation and placement of interns. This phase will be carried out a week before the internship placement phase.

Internship Placement & Monitoring Phase: During the internship phase activities include business plan update, business skills acquisition, progress monitoring & evaluation and counseling of interns (using the Internship Log Worksheet).

Post-Internship Phase: The experience gained by interns will provide sufficient basis for reviewing and completing their business plans, in view of realities. The interns will then defend their final business plans.