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Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurial & Business skills training is the bedrock of the entrepreneurship development programme (EDP). It exposes participants to the knowledge required to start up and run a successful venture.
The major courses covered include some of the following:

  • Entrepreneurial Mind-set & Skills Development:
    Mind-set Re-orientation
    Creative Thinking and Idea Generation
    Unlocking Entrepreneurship Competence etc.
  • Leadership Development:
    Leadership Styles and Development
    Business Ethics
    Creativity and Innovation
    Interpersonal Skills etc.
  • Basic Business Management:
    Customer Loyalty
    Human Resource Management
    Business Law, Negotiation Skills
    Principle of Accounting
    Smart Business
    Intro to ICT
    Total Quality Management etc.
  • Business Development Services:
    Business Modelling
    Business Plan Development
    Credit Facilitation
    Market Development
    Value Chain Development etc.

Class Period & Activities

Entrepreneurship development programme class is delivered in two streams: Morning or Afternoon, premised on participant’s choice based on their proximity to the centre, personal schedule and availability of time.

Morning stream runs from 9am to 1pm, while the Afternoon stream is from 1:30pm to 5.30pm on each working day. Each stream has 2 periods per day, with participants engaged in faculty-led discussion sessions on various topics delivered in modules, as defined by the CBN curriculum. Experiential learning methods such as Games, Activities, Case studies, Role play etc. help participants understand concepts and implement Personal Development Action Plans (PDAP) and Business Start-up/Improvement Action Plans (BiSAP).